Zeiss Sigma 300 FESEM – Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Our Zeiss Sigma 300 FESEM (Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope) is suitable for detecting various manufacturing or usage-induced defects, analyzing the structure of steel or other metals, testing polymers, mineral samples and coatings up to a resolution of 1 nanometer. Electrically insulating and magnetic samples can be tested without conductive coating.

The EDAX Octane Elect detector with Si3N4 window is able to perform EDS testing for low atomic number elements with greater accuracy than conventional polymer window detectors. With such technical parameters, and with the help of InLens, ETSE and BSE detectors, we can make publication-quality images for our customers.

Information on the service

  1. On page “Quotation request”, please add a precise description of the measurement objectives and record all relevant data that are known and/or requested. For this, you might want to upload some information (pdf, images) which we made possible under “Attachment upload”. After completing an actual order, you can place additional ones.
  2. Detailed measurement reports are created upon request. Otherwise, photo documentation with minor comments are delivered.
  3. EDS reports are generated on each occasion. These contain the visual indication of measurement points, the corresponding spectra and elemental compositions. If demand for mapping arises, an exact parameter set – if known – is highly welcome.
  4. The invoice and all the results are transferred electronically.
  5. The quotation is based on all your inputs. A certain discount is applied when at least 5 samples with similar properties (material, morphology) are to be inspected.
  6. Samples are preserved for 2 weeks if not reclaimed.
  7. Measurement results are stored for a longer but undefined period unless you explicitly want them to be deleted right away (written notice required).

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us!