Laboratory rules

In te area of the H-Ion Ltd. SEM laboratory, you need to follow this rules.

  1. Only th employees of H-Ion Lfd., and the authorized persons allows to enter to the laboratory. When you enter to the laboratory, you need to wear clean clothes, and in the instrument room you need to use slippers or footbag.
  2. Drunk or drugs people must not enter to the laboratory.
  3. Eating and drinking in the laboratory are absolutely prohibited.
  4. Persons who enter to the laboratory must follow the EHS rules.
  5. The use of the equipment found in the laboratory is allowed only to authorized persons. Used devices must be replaced by everyone after use. Damage resulting from improper use must be fully compensated by the injurer.
  6. Use of the SEM device is only permitted by properly trained personnel. Measurements must be recorded in the measurement log (electronically)!
  7. The use of rubber gloves is mandatory when preparing samples, placing / removing samples in the machine and cleaning the sample holders!
  8. Obstruction of the test person, including the process of sample preparation and cleaning of sample holders, shall not be impeded during the test.
  9. No test shall be performed which, if properly operated, could endanger the physical integrity of anyone and / or the equipment of the laboratory.
  10. It is the responsibility of the colleague using the Laboratory to keep the instrument room clean, and the Laboratory Manager is responsible for checking this.

In case of violation of the policy, the violator can be asked to leave the laboratory area!